¡New Pamphlets: testing / Nuevos Panfletos: probando!

At last! Por fin! first stages of work on three manuscripts-in-progress: Cuchillo/Knife,  by Paula Abramo, Lucy Greaves and Etta Dun; Seams/Costuras, by Cristina Rivera Garza and Jessica Sequeira, and Aztlán, by the Spanish poet Dino.

The first two texts are translated & re-translated – out of & into Spanish & back out of it again – versionings of poems from Juana Adcock’s Manca, the book which ghosts these texts, but is never legible as such. The last is a single Spanglish poem by the Spanish poet Dino, recovered from a family chest in Colorado and published for the first time with the kind permission of María and Santiago Fernández-Giménez, his children.